The Fullness of Life ~ More Random Musings by RG

I was going to say that I’ve been busy, but the truth is, my life has been full.Thomas Edison

It kicked off the weekend of the fifth with First Friday (a monthly celebration in different parts of the Denver Metro area) and a visit to the Santa Fe Drive Art District. I attended with two of my fellow authors, one of whom is an amateur photographer. We had a blast. We all agreed that the first place we visited, was our favorite. It was the most avante garde of all the galleries and was a studio space as well. These were the true “starving” artists. However, there was a more trendy artgallery that had a couple of artists that really appealed to me too.

The next day was the last workday for the local high school’s after prom. My son also came over for dinner, and I had a cupcake exchange party to go to. If you’ve never been to one of these parties, I would suggest you go, or have one. Several of us made cupcakes, had a tasting, had a winner for most beautiful and best tasting, and then exchanged the different cupcakes. It was a lot of fun and if you want your wife/husband, girlfriend/boyfriend/partner, mom/dad to bring home a variety of lovely cupcakes for you to try (or just eat) attend or send them to one of these parties. The event was put on by D & P Celebrations and they provided the decor, scoring sheets, and fun things to do. It was attended by Sarah, of Sarah and Brad Photography, who took our pictures holding various silly props to our faces. Here is a look at the cupcake spread (This is my picture, so you know why it’s crappy. Sarah’s can be found at her link). Please check out D & P Celebrations. They have really cute paper party goods and an Etsy store from which to buy them.112

The following Monday, I spent my last full time week with Blaster Bouncer. This was very bittersweet. I will miss working for them, but hope to Random Musings, Part 1keep in touch and maybe work a few events or fill in every once in awhile. They have three locations; Denver, CO, Chicago, IL, and Pittsburgh, PA. If any of you readers live in those areas and have kids, block parties coming up, after proms, other school events, etc., check them out.

Last Friday (not yesterday) I left work early to start setting up after prom at Dakota Ridge High School. I’ve been doing this a long time and still do it even though my kids aren’t in high school any more (Don’t ask, I’m crazy and that’s all I’ll say). This years theme was Mardi Gras mardi grasTrieze as it’s 2013 and the event was on the thirteenth. I have to admit, I had a lot of fun with this one and since my tastes run a little dark, I designed the cemetery, ’cause you’ve got to have one if you’re in New Orleans, right? This pretty much took up my whole weekend . . . Yeah, no, it DID take up my whole weekend.


That brings me to last week. I started a new job; full time, year round, etc. As much as I would like to stay home and write, it doesn’t pay the bills (yet, I say quietly and to myself). So far, I like it and it’s close to home.

And, that, as they say, is that. My life has been feeling pretty full, but now that things have settled a bit, I can get back to concentrating on my book.

What makes your life full?

Seo ar an saol! ~ Here’s to life!full life



The Thing About Cats . . . and Dogs

I strolled into my kitchen this morning to start some coffee and wandered into a large puddle in front of the refrigerator. This has become a common occurrence and I just grit my teeth and reach for the paper towels. I have a tile floor, so the water runs in the grout something like this —- brick puddle

Maggie in her favorite pose.

Maggie in her favorite pose.

It’s not from the refrigerator as I originally thought.

The perpetrator is my cat of fourteen years.


The thing about cats is this, they do not care what you think about them. You can yell at them, and cuss them, and they still don’t care. I’ve seen some cats that are “trained” (only if they want to be), but 98.999% of the cats in the world will do exactly as they please. I have had hundreds (I do not exaggerate, story for another time) and all of them are independent and prefer to let you bask in their presence. It’s not the other way around, I assure you.

Not only did I catch her “spilling” water on the floor, she looked at me as if to say, “What? I’m not doing anything and I dare you to prove it.” To add insult to the whole situation, a few days ago, I again approached my coffee maker and while I was scooping the coffee in, cold water splashed against the back of my legs. I spun around to see Maggie, paw in mid-air, with large, “I’m innocent,” Puss-in-Boots eyes.

I give up!

And, does the dog care? Oh, no. They’re in cahoots.

Sisters in mischief.

Sisters in mischief.

Here’s the thing about dogs. At least they have the decency to act guilty even if it’s not their fault. However, since Sadie grew up with Maggie, and Maggie is, for all intents and purposes, her sister, Sadie will sit beside the felon and watch me mop up the mess.

Dogs are also loyal, usually based on who provides the best treats (not really).  Sadie will abandon Maggie (when they are on good terms) for the following:


Belly rub

Barking at any noise (exaggeration, just loud noises)

More belly rub and hanging out with me when I write




Followed by more treats, preferably cheese, and a belly rub.

She’s so easy.

Do you have a pet, or pets? Do they have little quirks that make you laugh or drive you crazy?

Share please ~ RG

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